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“And they all lived happily ever after. The end”…. 

I don’t know that we will all live happily ever after but, after reading many of the posts for this week, it seems as though many are happy to be completed their modules. I am with you! Just as Jannae said, I felt many emotions throughout the process of creating my modules. I was stressed, felt inadequate and completely lost at times. However, thanks to the patience and support of my wonderful partners Angela and Ellen, I learned a great deal and made it through in one piece, just in time for report cards and conferences this week!

Things started off stressful for us as we made the difficult decision to switch our platform from Google Classroom to Word Press. We felt the same as Andres and found that Google Classroom did now allow for major edits which would make our page more visually appealing. As a visual person, I found it very difficult to see how our modules and ideas would easily be organized on such program. Having experience using Square Space to create websites, I was expecting the same amount of user friendliness (if that’s a term). I found it extremely difficult to navigate and organize Google Classroom since there were so many limitations. But, my difficulties didn’t end there.


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After deciding to use Word Press since all three of us had experience with it, I thought it would be easier to organize. It was but, I encountered some serious issues as well. I cannot count how many hours I spent trying to reorganize the order of my modules without facing other problems. My wonderful partners came to the rescue though. After hours of frustration, I would wave the white flag and ask them to come in for backup, which they did. And, I am so incredibly grateful for them. For some odd reason, I thought I knew how to manoeuvre Word Press much more than I actually did. I was imagining the ease that I had with Square Space… With the help of Ellen and Angela, I did eventually figure it out.

That was just the one side of it.  That doesn’t include the actual planning and creation of the modules. It was hard to get into but, eventually, I adopted the “Just try it” mentality that Roberta mentions in her post. I tried out some programs that I LOVED and some that I struggled with and decided I would explore at a later date. The ones I loved, I was able to include in the module which, I am excited to share. I, like Roberta, was hesitant and scared at first but, upon exploration, I found what was grade-appropriate and what worked with the ideas I had in mind.

Here we are now, at the end. I am very pleased with the work that out group has created. We all worked hard. Meeting weekly to discuss the progress of our modules along with the open communication we had of the emails and conversations we would have throughout the week to support one another. I look forward to hearing the feedback from others and also to share this module. I agree with both Katherine and Natalie and feel that as a teacher, I learned a great deal and know that I will use this knowledge in my classroom.

Since I started with the Fairy Tale Theme, I thought I would close with a Fairy Tale Finish Line!

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